Attractive Places to be in London

If you have never been to London and its famous landmarks, then you are missing a lot in this life. You can search for a guide on best landmarks to visit like the House of Parliament but that is not all. You also need to do what Londoners enjoy by engaging in some activities like sporting among other. There is no guide about the city which london attractionsyou can ever come across and it lets you down besides offering less landmarks. Today, you are going to be introduced to some of the best places to be where you can never get bored while touring this wonderful place on earth. Take a look below;

London Cinema

Cinema joints are considered to be among the best landmarks you can never ignore to pay a visit. The guide will give you an idea of where to get if you are a cinema lover and the good news is that this city is flocked with several of them. You will have fun watching latest movies in a foreign land like never before. Cinema areas are presumed to be among the landmarks where none should miss because it has been there for decades. To be part and parcel of the city, then abide by this guide.


Do you love live performances by famous artists in London? Then you should count yourself lucky because this guide will list some of the famous stuff in theater arenas. There is Drury Lane Theater Royal and Royal Opera House among many more.

Sports Venues

Do you love games like those of Premier leagues? This is one of those landmarks where instead of watching from TV and online, you need to be there live. If you are not sure about the venue, you can always get a guide which will take your straight there. London is a big city but the guide available will make it small. You can be at the Stamford Bridge and Lords among other landmarks features of London.

Museum and Libraries

London is famous for museum and library landmarks which have been there for centuries. You can’t afford to be in such places and that is why there is no guide which fails to mention these two amazing places. You can get old

books where you can’t find its replica elsewhere. The museums too are famous of hosting stuffs which were made thousands of years ago. There is Natural History Museum, Imperial War Museum and Science Museum among others. They are landmarks because you can hardly get a city with special museums but just general ones.


Other landmarks in museum as per the guide include the Big Ben, Leicester Square and Buckingham Palace. There is also the Canary Wharf Tower where people love to relax.

London Parks

This London tour guide will have never miss to mention parks where you can have joy and relaxation in equal measure. They include Clapham Common, Regents Park and Hyde which are all famous London parks.

Happy people should now add more fun to their life by visiting those places to quench their glance.

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