London city is best travel destination for all the art lovers

A lot of people that know something about art may claim Paris should be the only travel destination for all the art lovers. I agree, that city has some of the finest galleries and those galleries can have work from some of the best london-art-fairartist as well. But I politely disagree with one simple statement that Paris is the only city that is great in this way. In fact, I would give this title to London and if you will check out all the amazing art galleries that are there in this city, then you would also agree with it. 
London city has so many art galleries that are world famous and if I will try to write about all of them, then possibly I can end up writing a big book for that. I am saying this because you can get special gallery for almost any kind of art form. Other than this, many museums are also there that preserve the artistic history of the nation and world as well. And that is why I can confidently claim London is the best travel destination for all the fans.
Talking about the different kind of galleries or museums, Madam Tussaud wax museum is one of the finest example for same. In present time, London is not the only city that as a wax museum, but this city witnessed the first wax museum of life size statues. You can find real life like statues of famous people from entire world in this museum and you can assume you are in a completely different world. This is one of the most amazing art forms and this all started in London city. So, if I talk about my opinion, then this point can prove that to you in easy ways.
Other than this, you can find so many other modern art museums as well in this city and Tate modern museum is one of the finest examples for that. In this museum you can find some of the best modern art work from finest artist. So, if you love modern art, then you can visit this museum and in London and you can experience the amazing work

by your own eyes. Just like this, if you are interested in traditional art or if you are more interested in cultural things, you can get a dedicated gallery or museum for that subject as well in the London.
Another notable thing about these galleries and museums in this city is that, most of these places are free to visit in London. That means you don’t have to buy a ticket to explore most of the places. And if you need to get a ticket for some places, then also cost is quite low and affordable. Similar to these things there are several other reasons as well because of which I would say London is the best and the greatest city for all the fans. And if you are a fan in this subject, then you should visit the London at least once in your life.

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