London Guide

London is one of those fantastic cities you can ever land on as a foreign tourist. Why? This is simply because even its residence has never finished exploring the beauties found at its every corner. Before you can tour an area, it will london guidebe ideal to read some guide which will give you a clue of all the attractions found here. Don’t worry because you are at the right place where you will get a clear guide of how to start your tour in London city. Before you can even step your foot on one of those attractions, just know that they will all be a memorable phenomenon in your life. Take a look at the guide below and enjoy;

The London Eye

This is one of the famous attractions everyone in the soil of London should never dare to pay a visit to. This is a place where you will be able to see nearly every structure of this wonderful city. It gives you its view at a quick glimpse like you are looking at the horizon from the mountain. You will be able to view St Cathedral, the House of Parliament and Thames embankment among other beautiful scenery.

Regents Canal

The Great Union Canal and the city of London are linked together with the famous Regents Canal. It is just 8 kilometers from the city center and it is from this point where you will see this city at a new angle. The hidden treasure of the city like the little Venice can be seen in a stunning way if you choose to sail or walk the path. This is one of those places you can visit several time while on your tour as per the many guide explanations.

Borough Market

It is one of the greatest attractions to both locals and foreign tourists because it seats on the same place it did 250 years ago. It is a famous market place because you will get delicacies which have been there since time immemorial including the French Cheese which many may have just read about. You should eat it because it is shipped directly from its origin and indeed on daily basis. How about having a taste of the European yummy sausages found in every guide you will come across? This is the ultimate place for those who have cravings for new foods.

The West End

If you are a shopaholic every guide will explain to you how you will get goodies from all over the world. Besides that if you are a party animal this is the place where you will get classic hotels and clubs where you can eat and drink until the end. Theater lovers will also be welcomed with unforgettable live shows that are performed on daily basis. There are several attractions at this same place and each one of them is next to a sizzlers hotel where you can satisfy your eyes and stomach at the same time.

After reading the above attractions, the guide doesn’t come to an end since London has endless attractions to offer. There is Soho and Madame Tussauds where you can walk on narrow streets that offer ambience and exhibitions respectively. Get all these attractions in your mind.

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