Some of the things that you should know before driving your vehicles in London

London is known for so many great things in a positive way. But there are various other things as well that may not be equally positive about London. This city has millions of vehicle in the city and that is why you can experience high living_in_londonamount of pollution as well in London city. To deal with this pollution, government and local commission made some chances the rules of traffic. In this effort they made some green zones and if you drive a non-approved vehicle in green zones, then you may need to pay a lot of money for that.
If you know nothing about the green zones in London, then also you don’t have to feel bad for that. There are few things that I can share about green zones in London to you and you can get detailed information easily with some Google search. As per the records this system started functioning on February 4, 2008. After that they made several other changes in the green zones and other related changes. That made the rules even tougher and now people needs to pay more fine if they violate the rules or regulation of green zones administrated by governments. 
As far as management of green zones in London is concerned, it is managed by Transport of London which his responsible for local commuting in Greater London. The boundaries of these green zones does not work with time and if you are going their without giving much value to the time, then you may end up having a lot of complication. So, it is advised that you keep this thing in your mind and you do not make any mistake while driving in London city. In this situation, you should keep the green zones and attached fine to your mind and you will certainly have good experience in that.
In case you are wondering what kind of vehicles are not allowed in Green zone, then there are so many things that may come in this category. You can include larger van and mini busses that are compatible with Euro 3 category.

Also, they include various things such as busses, Lorries, coaches and other options that come under Euro 4 category. Other than this, there are certain cars and motor cycles as well that you can include in this list of vehicles that are not allowed in green zones at London city.
In case, your car already emits the confusion and bad situation in car, then you should talk and expert and you should get it repaired. In some cases, you may need to change some components as well to make sure things are going well. So, make sure you try this method as well and when you will do, then you will be able to have great outcome as well. Make sure you keep above things in your mind when you drive your vehicles into one of the green zones. And, when you will do it, then you are going to have good outcome for sure.

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